What are the chances!

Back in December 2015 before Wet nose Photography was born I met up with my friend and neighbour Cheryl and her dog Denzel (white & black staffy) for a photoshoot up on the beautiful Heysham Barrows. The cheeky Denzel rocked his session and helped me tremendously with his glorious charm and forever smiling face. He taught me so much that day about dog photography and was a massive influence in my decision to solely photograph dogs. At the end of his session we were delighted to capture his adorable wave like pose. Never again did I capture such a wave until I met Kenzo(white & brown staffy). What's so special about that you might think?! Unfortunately Denzel is no longer with us and went to Doggy heaven early December 2018. A lost and desperately sad Cheryl and her partner Karl decided after two months of being heartbroken they needed to have the joys of having another dog in their home. Not to replace Denzel but to help with their families healing. So along came Kenzo and could he be any cuter? Early May we met up again in the magical Hying Scout Woods, Warton, for Kenzo's photo session. As with any young dog, he was excited to be somewhere new and just loved exploring the forest. Just at the end of his session he sat down and up went the paw! What an amazing coincidence that brought such smiles to our faces. Priceless!